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Football and Soccer Teams are in Dyer Need of Good SEO

All football and soccer teams trade largely on their brand, but does your website support your brand and brand image and more importantly is your SEO strategy optimised to promote your brand and brand awareness.

Below we highlight just some of the major issues your club might be struggling with or worse still not aware of.

How does your club’s SEO match up?

1. Of the top 20 uk premiership football clubs only 9 of these own a mirrored domain that is 301 redirected to their main domain.

A mirrored domain is basically a complete copy of the main website that is hosted on a separate server to assist with high volumes of traffic when the primary domain and server becomes overloaded or fails.. A mirror server setup can be helpful for any sporting clubs as they help avoid downtime and ensure a positive user experience.

Does your club suffer outages or high traffic volumes at times? It is worth considering implementing a mirrored domain setup.

2. Does your potential audience speak many different languages. We found only 6 of the 20 premier league UK football clubs have implemented multi-lingual websites.

With sporting clubs that are looking to develop and international brand, having a multilingual website is highly important. Not only do you need to develop a multilingual website targeting the key languages you wish to promote your brand to, it is also import that your website is coded correctly.

We found of the top 20 premier league football clubs only 1 had implemented the code correctly.

A key part of this implementation should be the correct usage of the hreflang mark-up tag. The hreflang mark-up takes tells all search engines which version of the website or which page to serve to each geo located audience.

3. Branded Search Versus Non-Branded Search.

Most sporting clubs are primarily targeting searches on variations of their brand name to generate their website traffic, but you should not underestimate the amount of traffic that can be generated from high volume sporting related keyword phrases that are not specific to your brand.

If you look at terms like football fixtures, a search time that in the uk has over 450,000 search a month none of the top 10 SERP results are occupied by any football team.

Even for terms like premier league table a term that get over 4.5m searches a month only one club currently (21/7/2019) occupies any of the top ten slots, that club is Liverpool.

Whether you’re a premier league football club in the uk or a NFL team in the USA, or any other brand aware sporting team in the world these opportunities to gain valuable additional traffic should not be missed.

Have you checked out what non-brand specific search teams your clubs website ranks for.