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Finding the Right Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Football or NFL Team’s Website Using SEO


Many Soccer teams do not focus on developing the SEO aspects of their website. Those that do seek additional traffic do this through, mainly brand associated keywords and ignore very powerful large volume non-branded keyword searches.

Before you start on non-branded search terms, deal with branded search and ensure you have maximized the traffic levels you can get from branded searches.

If you are going to target branded searches, your aim should be to own every search engine ranking position (SERP) on the first page of Google.  It is not good enough to only own the top slot with your club’s website, but you should own the entire front page.  You should get your  Twitter, Facebook, bitcoin mixer Youtube, Instagram and any other properties you own to dominate the first page of Google where 93% of the worlds search engine traffic comes from.

When you dominate the whole of the front page of Google and you have established your brand entity on the web, then think of additional brand terms, for example if you are the Dallas Cowboys, not only dominate the first page of Google for the term “Dallas Cowboys” but also dominate the first page for terms that include brand and other search words.

A good example of this might be the term “Cowboys Game”, a partial brand match with generic search term added on. The term “Cowboys Game” gets in excess of 500,000 searches a month. With a little research there are many other such terms that could be found, terms like “Dallas Cowboys News” a term that gets over 368,000 searches a month.

Afew Examples of NFL Keywords


Before you finish working on the brand awareness portion of your SEO efforts, expand your universe of brand keywords as much as possible. Then go on to start work on non-brand specific keywords.

So, what do I mean by non-brand keywords? As an example of this let’s look at the search term NFL scores, a term that gets in excess of 11 million searches a month, Yet none of the Current NFL teams even appear on the first page of google for this term at the point of writing this article (21/7/2019). This would appear to me to be a missed opportunity!

It is important that your website and SEO strategy supports your club’s business goals and I will write more on defining strategy for your club’s website in future articles, but traffic of the right kind is key to any website with any business goals.

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